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All prints are matted and mounted using archival materials! All prices include shipping to the continental U.S.!


Yellowstone National Park is the world's first national park. I view Yellowstone as one of the truly unique places on earth. When we visit this marvelous park, we are actually walking inside an active super volcano. Over the eons, thermal features the like of which can be found only here have formed; the majority of active thermal features found on the planet occur here. Add to this a relatively intact ecosystem, covering some 7,200 square miles, and abundant wildlife and we have this incredible experience called Yellowstone. Through this site, you can purchase affordable, quality, ready-to-frame photographic artwork and greeting cards that highlight the wonders of Yellowstone.

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About the Photographer

I have spent a great deal of time hiking and photographing in Yellowstone National Park...trying to capture the ever-changing beauty of this great place. I am a trained biologist and believe my background in science and biology, along with my creative instincts, gives me a unique ability to see the complexity of natural beauty in a way that translates into enjoyable photographic images. While taking a course a few years ago, my pro instructor observed that I have a good eye for lighting and composition; that encouragement eventually led to my launching this site. My goal is to provide unique, quality, affordable photographs that are ready for framing and display. I hope my photographs serve to illustrate some of the wonders of Yellowstone. I try to provide a mix of scenes that are familiar to all who visit as well as photos of some of the things we easily miss, such as the incredible bacterial and algal mats at our feet near thermal areas. I have also tried to capture seasons outside of the traditional summer timeframe when most visitors enjoy the park.


All photos are printed by me in my "digital darkroom" when ordered. Each print must meet my exacting standards prior to being sent to the customer. Prints are produced using a Canon Pixma Pro9500 printer using pigment-based inks applied to Canon Pro Platinum photo paper. This is a glossy professional studio finish photo paper that offers superior stiffness, vivid color reproduction, excellent clarity and image quality, and outstanding archival properties. Prints are matted using acid-free or acid-neutralized mat material; the prints and mats are then mounted on an acid-free foam backer board. The exterior dimensions of the mounted prints are 16" x 20"; the size of the printed image varies by picture and is shown in the information for each image. Your matted and mounted print, when handled properly (e.g, framed and displayed out of direct sunlight, etc.), will last a lifetime without fading or bleeding. These prints are of superior that you will be very pleased by. If a problem occurs, the print will be cheerfully replaced at no charge to you other that your cost of returning the print to me (just mail it to me and I'll print and send you another). My goal is your complete satisfaction.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE IMAGE SIZES OTHER THAN WHAT IS LISTED, please see below under "Ordering and Payment."

Note cards are produced using the same printer and pigment-based inks as described above using premium 45 lb glossy Canon photo note card media. Envelopes are included. I WILL GLADLY MADE A CUSTOM SET OF NOTE CARDS from pictures on this site you no extra charge! Just drop me an email via the "Contact Us" link near the top of the pages on this site.

All products display a "Copyright" statement when viewed on this site. Needless to say, that copyright statement will not appear on the final product that you receive.

Ordering and Payment

My preferred method of payment is through Paypal. Paypal is the premium on-line payment service that offers outstanding security for both the customer and the provider. This site works seamlessly with Paypal via the shopping cart buttons on various product pages. All major credit cards (Master Card, VISA, Discover and American Express) are accepted and you do NOT have to have a Paypal account in order to place an order. I have used Paypal for years and recommend it highly.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE IMAGE SIZES OTHER THAN WHAT IS LISTED, please email me via the "Contact Us" link on the home page and let me know what image size you would like (e.g., full 8" x 10" cropped image, full 11" x 17" cropped image...whatever you desire). I'll then send you a sample of the cropped image and price for your approval...after which I'll drop you a Paypal invoice via email (you would still handle payment via Paypal's secure site).
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